The market-place is emerging with innovative ideas every day and this has helped the gardening sector to evolve as well. The new and modern planters are built keeping in mind the basic necessities for the survival of your dear green plants. Not only these planters are a treat for your eyes but they have also make the entire process a lot easier and convenient. This is because the updated versions of planters come with drainage holes and also give appropriate space to your plant that favors healthy and adequate growth.

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If you are a gardener at heart, the following planters will surely rejuvenate your passion towards flowers and green plants. Plus, you can use them indoors and that will accent your décor or place them in your garden which will add vogue to the entire area. So ditch those traditional planters and give your garden a new look with these fresh designs:

  • Window Box

If you are living in an apartment window boxes will save you a lot of space without you having to compromise your love for green plants. You can grow some colorful flowers or herbs in these handy planters and add vibrancy to your window frame. Also, it will be a treat to the eyes of the passersby while the compliments you will be receiving will be the extra brownie points!


· Hanging Planter

Not only the hanging planter add-up to the aesthetics, but will also help you to save a large amount of space in your house. They are extremely easy to set up, just drill a hole or two on your window frame or ceiling and you are done! These hanging plants will cheer up your mood and rejuvenate the entire space. So the next time you have guests visiting, these hanging pieces will surely be the talk of the place.


· Railing Planter

Another good choice for apartment gardeners is the railing planter. It is designed to hang or to assemble on top of the railing which means that you can now use every tiniest space to satisfy the gardener in you. With these attractive and vibrant add-ons your fences and balcony railings will not remain boring anymore! It is advised that you get deck railing planters that can be adjusted to the size of your railing.


· Tall Planters

Tall planters are in vogue and not for all the good reasons. They give a royal look and have a more classic and formal feel to it. They are great for big, leafy plants as they can easily accommodate them and offer them space to grow. They come in a lot of shapes, sizes and materials so you can easily get the one that goes with your style and suits your garden.


One should get a planter which is rust-proof, fade-proof, crack-proof, frost-proof and lightweight. You can get a multitude of shapes, sizes and material, so be shrewd while choosing the perfect ones.

We hope that these modern planters will please the gardener in you and will bring out an amazing version of your garden while your plants bloom to their fullest.

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